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Welcome to PollDeep’s Help Center, where you will get fast answers to most of your questions. You can also use the Search tool at the top of the page to find answers quickly. Before emailing us, take a look through, as the help you need is likely already here waiting for you.

Getting Started

Q: How many plans are available?
Q: How do I sign-up for an account?
Q: How do I log-in my account?
Q: How can I log-in my account if I forget my password?
Q: How can I create polls for free?

Create & Design

Q: How do I create a poll?
Q: How do I edit my poll?
Q: How do I include Gender, Age and Maps in my poll?
Q: How do I use a Custom chart to include in my poll?
Q: How do I change the look of my poll?
Q: How do I customize the look of my poll?
Q: How do I use my own logo?
Q: How to make a smaller sized version of your poll?
Q: How to add an image to my poll?
Q: How do I save a theme I created?
Q: How do I password protect my poll?
Q: How long can I have my poll opened and available?
Q: How do I delete a poll in my dashboard?
Q: How do I learn about Google Adsense and how to use it?
Q: How do I enter my Google Adsense script in my PollDeep account?

PollDeep Maps

Q: How does your maps work?
Q: Does PollDeep track the voter’s exact location?
Q: Why don’t I see a map of my country when results are shown from my poll?
Q: Which map will be shown in the results if a map has not been created for my country?
Q: When will a map be created for my country?
Q: How accurate are the PollDeep maps?

Sharing and embedding a poll

Q: How do I send a poll by email?
Q: How do I share a poll via Facebook and Twitter?
Q:  How do I embed a poll in my website?